“Why you should read this book: Ovarian Cancer? You can NOT be serious! Ovarian Cancer is less about cancer and more about survival. Written with unpretentious ease, it feels as though we are "chatting" with the author, Janice Coggins, as she recounts a lifetime of overcoming barriers leading up to and including her cancer diagnosis. She offers advice and perspective, interwoven in vignettes of those who inspired her on her journey, modestly unaware that it is her story that inspires the rest of us. Ultimately, it is her conviction to hike the Alps so soon after treatment that reveals the soul of this story . . . of deepening one's faith in the storm, of facing fear straight on, of arming yourself with love to meet any challenge.”

Annette Leal  Mattern
President, Ovarian Cancer Alliance of Arizona
Past President, Ovarian Cancer National Alliance
Author, Outside The Lines of Love, Life and Cancer

“This book is a must read for anyone diagnosed with ovarian cancer or if you know anyone battling the disease, or any other catastrophic illness or disability for that matter.  Not to make it sound trite, but Janice’s infectious personality, deepening sense of self, and strong faith guides the reader through her journey of how “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

“I personally know Janice, but even if I didn’t know her, I would know all the important things about her after reading her book.  While it is Janice’s chronicle of living with and overcoming devastating diagnoses even from early childhood, it is comprised of compelling stories and anecdotes about how the people she’s known for years, from far and wide, rallied around her, and how even complete strangers embraced her and fueled her spirit to fight back.  It speaks to how an open heart and an open mind can find great joy and meaning in just about every experience in life . . . from the darkest abyss to the highest peak.

“The foreword, written by Janice’s esteemed gynecologic oncologist, Dr. Mike Janicek, presents a no nonsense and easy to understand explanation of ovarian cancer. Clearly, you sense his frustration with how the disease is most often diagnosed late stage because there is no standard reliable means of detection.  And while the survival statistics are grim, he undeniably recognizes that a woman’s unbridled determination to make lemons out of lemonade is a force to be reckoned with in fighting this disease.”

Ellen Krause Johnson
Ovarian Cancer Survivor

“Janice Coggins, captures the true spirit of HOW difficult Cancer is, but more importantly, how POSSIBLE survivorship is with early detection, treatment, courage and faith. Ovarian Cancer is not well understood and has it not been for Janice, I would remain in the dark. This book will elevate the conversation about ovarian cancer for both those affected and those who will be supporting cancer patients around the world. This book speaks to a universal audience that may be have been or will be affected by Ovarian Cancer.”

Camille Pavy Claibourne APRN, PhD.
Emergenetics Associate, ERI Services
Louisiana Craft Guild Potter



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