This is the Now. I am still here. Call me blessed. Call me determined. And yes, call me very grateful. Now call me a writer – because I need to share my story.

I have been diagnosed with the fifth most common cancer killer of women: ovarian cancer. I have broken through it to a bright time. My mission now is to increase the likelihood that many more stricken women may also live beyond the onset, diagnosis, and treatment of ovarian cancer.

This book begins with my story of being here as a survivor. I love to meet other survivors because they are like instant family. I often hug them simply because we have walked the same path.

For me, having cancer is real, and I embrace it as being part of who I am now. Just as I believe that each time Moses spoke of God, and Paul spoke of Jesus, it deepened their relationships with God. So it is with me. Telling my story often helps keep me in touch with my true self and with my God. Cancer may be part of me, but I am more than just cancer. And I refuse to give it more power than it is due.

If my book helps connect you to someone you can talk to, that would make me happy. If, together, we can expand our preventative efforts against this disease, that would make me ecstatic. Because together, we can help make a difference on ovarian cancer’s “front end”— awareness, early detection and research funding.

“Perhaps the greatest weapon in our war against ovarian cancer will be not only the human scientific intellect, but also the human spirit. I know a lady who was determined to ignore all the traditional manners of suffering ovarian cancer surgery, chemo, and survivorship. She simply ignored rules, broke some, made up some of her own, went out and did what she wasn’t supposed to do. She chose to live strong and left the cancer experience trying to tug at her hiking boots and suck the air out of her lungs. But ultimately, when all was said and done, the cancer failed miserably. And I have no doubt, that if it ever does manage to rear its head again, that same spirited lady will battle it back down, and go on living, stronger than ever.”

Mike F. Janicek, M.D.
Board Certified in Gynecological Oncology


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